About the Readymade Film Fest

Readymade Film Fest is a collective of filmmakers seeking to promote social consciousness through an array of artistic mediums. The festival aims to showcase underrepresented artists in the community by providing them with an open art space.

Originally dubbed the Lost Angeles Film Festival, co-founders David Aguilar and George Gomez have used the traveling festival formula to showcase over 250 films all over Southern California through a wide range of venues that include U.C. Santa Barbara, San Diego City College, several art galleries and a Drive-in at the beach.

“The idea has always been to try to bring the most diverse line up of films to an audience that otherwise would not be exposed to it. At the same time, we want to be able to showcase films that challenge conventional filmmaking formulas. The result has been a wide range of films that include documentaries about high school teachers in South Central L.A. and the protests at the WTO Summit in Cancun, Mexico. We’ve screened a horror film about man-eating girls, psychedelic animation and non-linear experimental pieces. Not to mention, a feature-film about teenagers living on the streets of Hollywood, and the list goes on,” explains George.

“We started doing screenings in 2000 that involved not only filmmakers, but collaborations with musicians and other artists. Each event has been a combination of music, art and environment that has evoked an alternative film-going experience. With each event we try to expand on the experience which has included rooftop screenings on The 4th of July, warehouse gallery presentations in downtown LA and a Drive-in near the beaches of Santa Barbara,” explains David. “Collaborating with galleries like Avenue 50 Studio, Eagle Rock Center for the Arts, Rock Rose Gallery, and Federal Art Project has allowed us to build relationships with organizations in LA that understand the mission of the festival. The result has been a more viral film viewing experience.”

In 2008, the RMFF organizers expanded to include an encore screening in Washington D.C. following the same format as the original LA event.  This has become a new tradition that continued in 2009 and will continue in 2010 in both D.C and San Francisco. For more information, email the organizers at readymadefilmfest@gmail.com

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